Did you know that less than half of the number of kids that are bullied ever report what happens to an adult for support?

Our ongoing school programs are all about raising awareness and teaching communities the importance of talking about what’s happening. Especially Kids! We’re a theatre company too and we love to use the magic of theatre to spread our important messages to children and families!

Kid-Safe Productions wants to become a household name around town, especially when it comes down to the fun and interactive way we entertain AND educate kids on such important topics as character building and bullying prevention using the magical realm of theatre and music.

The Toronto FringeKids! Festival is an excellent platform for us to showcase, shine and sparkle our way into the hearts and minds of theatre goers just as we have with many educators.

We’re looking to raise about $3000.00 [or more] to cover our production costs for such things as rehearsal space, costumes, actors’ fees, writing workshops and set design to name a few.

We’d like nothing more than to have your help in pushing us over the top as we show this city our very best… Can you think of a better example of how to show kids to be their very best than for us to be ours? Nope? We can’t either!

Please considering donating at Fund What You Can.

Thank you!