Global TV’s Making A Difference

Segment on Kid-Safe Productions with Susan Hay

Kid-Safe Productions was highlighted by Global TV’s “Making a Difference” on July 2. Watch the video below if you missed the segment by Susan Hay.

What We DoChrisCayla

We create “whole school approach” dramatic programming for all students on social skills development (such as bullying awareness/prevention or character building) that combine with specially created teacher resources and even parent information sessions. Just what all school communities need to build and maintain safe and positive school learning environments. Watch the video below and visit our services pages to see just what we’ve got to offer.


What’s up Summer 2014

We have created a brand new musical to appear in the Toronto FringeKids! Theatre Festival from July 4 – 12 and ultimately at schools next fall! We’re looking for support and will keep you updated as we progress through the days and weeks leading up to the festival. Watch the video! The flashing red arrow refers to the cool rewards offered for your support. See it now on our crowdfunding page.

Hope to see you there!